The importance of having a will that is properly prepared can in no way be underestimated. It is the closest you will get to a guarantee that your loved ones are sufficiently and properly taken care of when you pass away.

A professionally prepared will provides you with the peace of mind that not only will your exact wishes be properly recorded and carried out in the manner that you need them to be and that all eventualities will be taken care of, but that the will shall comply with all the legal requirements that it needs to comply with to be regarded as valid and enforceable. This goes a long way to prevent unwanted and unnecessary family fighting.

A correctly prepared will also forms the foundation for effective and holistic estate planning when it comes to maximising the benefits that your heirs and/or legatees will receive whist at the same time reducing the extent of your estate’s liability for tax as well as the tax liability on those who stand to benefit from it.

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