With many people now living together as either husband and wife, civil union partners, life partners, cohabitants or even room-mates, it sometimes happens that people experience differences between one another.

Unfortunately, some people resort to ill-treatment of those with whom they have differences with. This ill-treatment may include physical violence and abuse, emotional abuse, financial abuse and harassment. These are all forms of domestic violence.

Domestic violence of any kind should not be tolerated and help should be sought without delay.

The Domestic Violence Act allows a victim of domestic violence to obtain a temporary protection order against the offender to prevent further acts of domestic violence being committed. The temporary protection order also comes with a suspended warrant for the arrest of the offender in the event that further domestic violence is committed in violation of the temporary protection order.

The “temporary” nature of the protection order means that it has a date on it for both the victim and the offender to appear in court. This is so that the victim can tell the court why the order should be made permanent. It also allows the offender to tell the court why the order should not be made permanent. The court will then decide whether or not to make the order permanent.

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