In these trying economic times, the last thing you need is to run up exorbitant legal costs when you need a simple, fast uncontested divorce. We have the solution!

Our affordable divorce solution, consisting of 4 basic steps, is quick, simple to understand, efficient and yes, cost effective!

Both spouses may also be represented by us together, as the divorce will not be contested.

Total cost is R14,000.00 (VAT Inclusive).

This amount is broken down into 4 easy payments, which are made at the beginning of each of the 4 steps below. This allows you to know exactly what is payable and when, so that you can budget accordingly. No surprises!

This is how it works:

Step 1: R2,000.00

Initial consultation, taking your instructions, opening your file, reviewing your particular documents.

Step 2: R4,000.00

Drafting, preparing and sending your settlement agreement to you, including 2 sets of changes as per your instructions.

Step 3: R4,000.00

Drafting, issuing and service of summons. Set down of the case in the High Court for hearing.

Step 4: R4,000.00

We appear (no advocates required) in court with you to finalise your divorce. We also provide you with the original decree, settlement agreement and an additional notarised copy of the signed settlement agreement to you a month later.

It couldn't be easier!

Contact us to arrange your simple, hassle-free affordable divorce.